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This is a picture of the "Jessop Family Singers"

We started as the Jessop Family Singers.  My wife Diane wrote original music for us to sing.  Diane was a first grade teacher and she wrote songs to help her students learn self esteem and history,   We know that our upbeat music of comfort and joy with fun and beautiful melodies will have a powerful impact on lives for the better.    

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent.”

What Inspires Us


Here's a Song Productions takes us "back to the basics" in personal self esteem and family values.  It was inspired to empower children and parents alike  with love and respect for self and family relationships.  We named our company after our theme song, "Here's A Song Each Child Should Sing," because we sincerely feel every child should have the opportunity to learn these songs.

Our Influences

This is a singing group Diane organized called the V.I.P. Singers

Here's a Song Productions has produced three albums that have been very successfully used for elementary school music programs: Here's A Song Each Child Should Sing, Hey Good Old Summertime and Let's Walk Beside One Another.  These albums are not only useful for programs but for teaching social studies concepts as well.  Research has shown that when children learn an educational or inspiring song, they learn a concept forever!

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